Keywords, an Indispensable Part of Internet Marketing

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Let’s look at a common scenario many businesses face. You’re setting up a web page describing your services, and your writer asks, “What keywords are you trying to rank for?” Don’t panic. She’s just asking what descriptive phrases to include in the headlines and text on the page. Read on to learn more about keywords and how to use them.

A Short Definition of Keywords

Search engines track what people are searching for and what websites contain particular phrases. The terms or phrases people search for are called keywords, and ranking has to do with how a search engine decides which sites containing those keywords to display in its results, and which to display first. The search engine uses a lot of factors, including how many people have visited a particular site to get the information described in the keyword.

Things to Think About When Choosing Keywords

Your writer in the scenario above is also asking what word or phrase describes what you do. When determining the keywords you want to rank for, consider the following questions:

  • What service do you offer?
  • How do your customers describe the services they’re searching for?
  • How do your customers describe what you do, or what you offer?
  • What words or phrases would your customers use?
  • What short phrase do you use to describe your company or what you do?


One way to test your keywords is to pick a word or phrase that describes what you do, put it in a search engine, and see what kinds of results the search engine returns to you. If you do internet marketing, the keyword internet marketing will likely return search engine results about online marketing and how to get started, so you may want to add internet marketing companies to your keyword. However, that’s still pretty general. A lot of companies do internet marketing, so you might want to specify where you are, such as internet marketing services Jackson Wyoming (or Jackson WY).

Contact Wind River Marketing for Your Keywords

There are a lot of tools you can use to find keywords and see what people are searching for. They’re easy to find if you do a little searching, and you can learn a lot of interesting things. At Wind River Marketing, we’ve turned our interest in keywords and internet marketing into a specialty. Contact us and see how you can put our expertise to use getting you and your services noticed on the internet.

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