Advertising solutions abound these days, to the point that choosing the right strategy can feel frustrating. With so many options available, some business leaders forget that one of the most traditional approaches remains the most effective for the cleaning industry: cold calling.

A top strategy for lead generation, telesales harnesses the power of phone-based conversation to get the word out to targeted prospects. This approach can deliver impressive conversion rates — especially in the cleaning industry.


Why Is Telesales So Effective?

Phone-based sales strategies have long been relied on to score top-notch B2B leads. This tactic can be even more effective in the digital era. Impressive results are possible, in part, because today’s prospects are inundated with marketing emails. As their inboxes fill up, many find that cold calls stand out.

Even without the influence of email, cold calling works because it encourages sales professionals to build strong relationships with their prospects. These connections promote lead generation, and, over time, can deliver a far higher degree of client loyalty.


Cold Calling Tips to Grow a Cleaning Business

There’s no denying the potential of telesales, but this strategy can be risky if it’s not executed properly. When these suggestions are implemented, however, it’s possible to grow a cleaning business and achieve an impressive return on investment.

Use a script. A carefully written script prevents conversations with leads from sounding awkward or insincere. It also limits the potential for calls meandering. While skeptics assume that scripts lead to robotic-sounding calls, this is only true when scripts are read from directly. Instead, each script should serve as a flexible blueprint capable of promoting a genuine conversation.

Call at the right time. When you call matters as much as what you say. With B2B cold calling, late afternoon (around 4 pm) and late morning (at 11 am) tend to be the best time for reaching prospects when they’re feeling conversational. The day of the week also matters, with cleaning business response rates proving the most impressive on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Call the right prospects. Make the most of every call by targeting businesses that are more likely to respond. Those that have recently opened or changed ownership are more likely to be on the hunt for a cleaning business.

Call back. Some prospects may need to hear your voice several times before they respond. Be persistent and don’t hesitate to call back if prospects express even a glimmer of interest. If you struggle to talk with someone in person, feel free to leave voicemails. Even if prospects don’t call back, hearing from your cleaning business will prime them to say yes when they do eventually pick up.

Provide incentives. A good deal can often turn an ambivalent lead into a full-blown client. Some businesses offer the first cleaning for free, while others prefer to incentivize prospects with discounts on specific services.

With cleaning business telesales, a simple spark of connection can go a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of telesales for lead generation — this could be the ultimate strategy for developing an excellent base of loyal clients.